Sacred Projects

St. Mary's Church in Norwalk, CT

St. Mary’s Church in Norwalk, CT

The faithful restoration of church decoration preserves the history, religious traditions, liturgical iconography, and sacred art of the country’s national landmark buildings for worship

The Canning Liturgical Arts designers and artists are experts in sacred decoration, restoration, conservation and creative expression.

The care and maintenance of historic churches are often the responsibility of the clergy serving the congregation and parish committees designated to help. Canning prefers to work as a partner with these decision-makers when restoring ecclesiastic interior decoration.

John Canning & Co. created Canning Liturgical Arts to specifically serve those in charge of sacred properties.

In the hands of Canning Liturgical Arts artists and artisans, common elements of paint, plaster, wood, and stone are elevated to sacred art using traditional decorative paint, finishes, and design.