About CLA

Canning Liturgical Arts is a branch of John Canning & Co. that developed due to the growing need for church restoration and beautification across the nation. Canning Liturgical Arts specializes in ecclesiastical art and design with over 45 years’ experience. Our services include historic preservation, conservation, restoration, and replication as well as commissioned artwork, new design and beautification of sacred interiors. The company has an incredibly talented, dedicated and knowledgeable staff which includes traditionally trained decorative painters, ornamental plasterers, masons, carpenters, fine art conservators, and architectural material conservators. The CLA craftsmanship spans the trade of architectural arts and finishes with expertise in ornamental plaster restoration, plaster stabilization, decorative finishes, gildinghistoric woodwork, and stone as well as exterior services of architectural gilding and selective decorative finishes. During the early stages of the project, CLA offers preconstruction and planning services such as budgeting and specification support as well as consultation services that include historic paint analysis, plaster surveys, design services and mockups. Uncovering elaborate design schemes of the past through extensive research and restoring a sacred interior is one of the great joys of the CLA team. In cases where no conclusive evidence can be found, our extensive knowledge of the ecclesiastical art and decoration are applied, creating new design schemes and color palettes fitting the historic period architectural style of the church. Our principals are professional associates of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). We are guided by the principle “do no harm” and advance that principle by providing treatments that are reversible and supplying owners with thorough documentation of research, conditions, actions taken, and materials used. Our expertise, unique approach, and in depth knowledge allows projects to be completed quickly with the detail & integrity that Canning is known for while offering competitive prices. It is an honor and a privileged to be a part of keeping the history and tradition of these sacred buildings alive in America.


Canning Liturgical Art’s reputation for fine workmanship, high standards, and professionalism has allowed the historic restoration company to choose projects with owners, architects, and other trades interested in doing quality collaborative work.

This team approach has been successful for all involved. CLA continues to grow, and the workforce of talented artisans expands to meet the demand for the company’s unique combination of extraordinary skill, respect for historic integrity, and sound business management.


Our privately owned, family company is continues to be lead by family members with the assistance of accomplished professionals who are committed to upholding the quality, integrity, and accuracy that Canning Liturgical Arts is known for.

We believe in education and hire highly skilled and curious artists, artisans, and scholars and teach them how we do things – and why.


It is extremely gratifying to be a part of preserving historic buildings using our expertise in, and passion for architectural arts restoration

It is always humbling to be recognized by our peers and publications for the work we love so much.

Professional Development Panels & Presentations

John Canning and David Riccio are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with peers and are regularly selected to provide professional education presentations at preservation organization meetings

Professional Organizations

Active members, both Dave and John volunteer to serve on boards, as trustees, and in general invest their time to help organizations maintain the professional leadership and guidance that the industry relies on.