Consulting & Pre-Construction

Guiding and collaborating on projects from concept through implementation. 

Our knowledge and expertise in materials and preservation techniques allows us to provide problem-solving solutions for architects and clients from concept to project completion.

Canning prides itself on creating a collaborative environment with the project team - Owner/Architect/Contractor. With over 45 years of experience in working in National Landmarks and historic buildings, we are able to thoughtfully conceptualize a project from the design phase through implementation. 

For renovations and modernization projects, we are able to inform the process along the way through historic research, paint investgations, and plaster surveys. Renderings, drawings, and mock-ups provide a visual for the project and help define the project scope. Self-performing various trade services, our on staff Project Managers, conservators, and craftsmen are able to manage the schedule and costs to ensure the project goals are met. 

Consulting & Pre-Construction Services For Each Stage of a Project





Collaborating with Organizations Nationally

New York Landmark Conservancy
Preservation Massachusetts
Preservation Alliance
Boston Society of Architects

Case Study

Rodeph Shalom Synagogue

One of the largest and most complex liturgical decoration schemes CLA has worked on.

The historic restoration of the decorative painting on acoustic fabric at Rodeph Shalom required a conservation approach. Fabric was reattached and color matching was adjusted at each in-painting area to blend with adjacent colors.   

CLA conservators and decorators repaired the fabric, in-painted and replicated surface patterns, blending their work to match adjacent areas.

The parish community was founded in 1795 and is the oldest Ashkenazic synagogue in the Western Hemisphere.


Layers of overpaint


Date Built



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We have found that we can rely on Canning’s sound judgement and high level of attention to completing the work on time and on budget.

Ruthann Hubbard-Kemper
Executive Director, Pennsylvania Capitol Preservation Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the scope of work, a findings report or conditions assessment can be provided to document the existing conditions of the historic material. 

Architectural drawings are often prepared to map or document areas of repair and restoration. Digital or watercolor renderings can be provided to represent the historic scheme within a space. 

Yes, our on staff architectural materials conservators are experienced in various materials and substrates including, stone, metal, and woodwork. 

We will work closely with the design team to develop conservation solutions or document areas requiring repair, patching, or replication. 

Yes, our knowledge in historic materials and finishes allows us to assist in material selection and execution to be incorporated in specifications.

Where VOC and LEED limits are to be maintained, we will work with the project team to identify products that will meet the requirements while respecting the historic integrity of the finish. 

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