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Restoring Beauty to America’s Churches

Through a pure expression of beauty there is the visual manifestation of truth and goodness. Canning Liturgical Arts is passionate about ecclesiastical art and decoration, as well as the historical role of sacred art as a way of handing on faith and engaging the soul. Preserving the integrity and splendor of sacred buildings across America is our mission and beauty is our goal.

Our expertise in historical decoration, restoration, and conservation of sacred spaces and art is unparalleled. But what truly sets us apart is our deep understanding of the sanctity of these spaces and items. We recognize that every brushstroke, every repair, and every enhancement is a step towards rekindling the spiritual essence of the church.



Canning Liturgical Arts is a branch of John Canning & Co. If you are interested in exploring John Canning & Co.’s work across America in capital buildings, museums, universities, theatres, etc., click here.



We are at our best when we can examine your church and show you the possibilities we see in the problems you're facing.

Professional Research and Services


Professional Research and Services

Traditional Decoration Methods and Materials


Traditional Decoration Methods and Materials

Sacred Restoration, Conservation & Beautification


Sacred Restoration, Conservation & Beautification

Our Services

  • Conservation & Preservation: Using advanced techniques to maintain the original elements of the church, ensuring they stand the test of time.
  • Mid-Century & Modern Beautification: Merging the old with the new, we bring contemporary aesthetics that complement the church’s historical essence.
  • Project & Construction Management: Overseeing every phase of the restoration process, ensuring timely completion without compromising on quality.
  • Consulting & Pre-Construction Planning: Offering expert advice on the feasibility, design, and approach before the restoration begins.
  • Historic Plaster Conservation: Specialized services to restore and preserve the intricate plasterwork that often adorns historic churches. 

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Church restoration is not just a service; it’s a commitment to safeguarding the spiritual and historical legacy of sacred spaces. And in this journey, Canning Liturgical Arts stands as a beacon of excellence, ensuring that the beauty and sanctity of America’s churches are preserved for future generations.

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