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San Joselito's Chapel

A beautification program of new design and decorative finishes, transformed the once plain interior of the San Joselito’s Chapel.



Location: Norwalk, CT Built: c. 1895 Original Architect: Unknown Style:  Gothic Revival


Canning was originally asked to offer technical design advice for the sanctuary area of San Joselito Chapel, however, upon further discussion we decided to offer our full design, fabrication, and installation services for the entire chapel. Over the course of a few months, our team and community volunteers worked to complete the new designs and transform the chapel. The chapel, located on the campus of St. Joseph’s Church in Norwalk, Connecticut, is housed in the former convent that now functions as administrative offices. The roughly 18ft x 35ft chapel was completely redesigned, including the installation of decorative paint, stenciling, glazing, and gilding. The chapel color palette is composed of three major colors including a deep green (with an intensity comparable to black), a dark red and a vibrant blue. Variations of these colors appear throughout the interior in field colors and stencil patterns. Gold leafing and tones of yellow highlight the intricate decorative details within the chapel. In designing the decoration and laying out patterns and artwork, every angle and every inch of space were considered. Careful attention to detail was taken to ensure a harmonious and complete final result. The chapel balances English Gothic design with Spanish influence and incorporates motifs symbolic of the patron saint for whom the chapel is named, San Joselito. The complete beautification of the once plain, white-washed chapel brought the surrounding community together to create a stunning place of worship to be enjoyed by parishioners and visitors alike.


2022 McKim, Mead, & White Award for Craftsmanship, ICAA San Joselito's Chapel, Norwalk, CT


A Magnificent Chapel Honors St. Joselito, A Young Martyr, Fairfield County Catholic