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St. Mary - St. Catherine of Siena Parish

Canning performed a restoration and conservation project for the very first Catholic parish in Boston.

StMary St Catherine Parish before StMary St Catherine Parish after


Location: Boston, MA
Built: c. 1882
Original Architect: Patrick C. Keely
Style:  Gothic Revival





A true work of church architecture, this remarkable church in Boston, St. Mary’s was one of the last important works of church architect Patrick C. Keely who designed this church in the Gothic Revival style in 1882. The architecture throughout the church consists of painted decoration, ornamental plaster, ornamental wood ceilings with elaborate hammerbeams, murals, sculptures, and stained glass.

The goal of the project was to restore the originally desired intent and bring back the color palette, the incredible details and feel of the space.  A historic paint investigation was performed to uncover the historic colors within the church and guide in the original color palette that needed to be reinstated and to show the true intent. This project involved a comprehensive finish restoration that included decorative painting, gold leafing, glazing, polychrome finishes, wood finishes, art conservation, metal restoration of fixtures, as well as plaster repair and replacement including some ornamental plaster. 

This successful interior paint restoration project for the very first Catholic parish in Boston, is important to maintaining the historic sacred spaces in New England. The decorative features have been brought back to the original appearances for all to enjoy and continues to preserve New England’s architectural, classical tradition and cultural heritage, honoring the past and carrying it forward for future generations. The goal for this preservation project was successfully achieved and the outstanding beautiful results have made this building once again a gift to the community as it was the day the building was finished in 1892.