Cathedral of St. Patrick


Historic Paint Analysis
New Design & Murals

Decorative Paint
Ornamental Plaster
Sacred Art Murals


An historic paint analysis at the cathedral revealed a decision by the original designer to emphasize the decorative properties of the architectural structure – complex net vault ribs and shafts with decorative bosses at intersections and bases. Our paint study confirmed that solid color, not patterns or borders, were used between the architectural elements with minimal pattern revealed elsewhere. 

Additional decoration is found in the restored bas relief artwork in the stations of the cross that also received newly designed plaster frames, fine-art murals, and an unusual triptych composition, designed and executed by our team, on the sanctuary back wall that simulates stained glass windows.

In addition to the triptych, our artists created 22 new murals, 16'x12', depicting the life, death, and resurrection of Christ to fill the flat spaces in the nave above the side isle arches. Two side altar murals were also created depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Joseph with Christ Child. 


2014 AGC of CT Industry Recognition Award

2013 Bulfinch Award, Institute of Classical Art and Architecture, New England Region

2013 CT Trust for Historic Preservation Merit Award