Canning Liturgical Arts grew out of the family-owned and operated John Canning Company. With CLA, our intent is to provide education and partnership for clergy and congregations responsible for the maintenance of their churches and the preservation of their community history. 


Dave Riccio

David is a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works. He has been an integral part of John Canning Studios for over 20 years and has extensive experience in implementing liturgical art and design.  He understands the intent and importance liturgical art serves in the Church. He also completed a multi-year apprenticeship program in decorative painting and plaster.



John Canning

John is an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), as well as a Professional Associate of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). The leading authority in the United States on traditional decorative painting materials and techniques, he attended the Glasgow School of Art, Stow College, and the Decorative Trades Institute. Earning a London City & Guilds certificate, he served his apprenticeship as a church decorator in Europe. John founded the company in 1975, and remains active in design, consultation and project development.



Dorothea Canning-hennessey

Since the 1980s Dorothea has been instrumental in transforming the John Canning Studios from a small regional company to a national recognized decorative arts and design studio. In addition to her role overseeing finance, Dorothea manages our safety programs and protocols. Educated in construction management, she works directly with clients and vendors to address their specific needs and requirements to offer the highest level of service possible.



Marcie Clifford

Marcie graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, majoring in Integrative Design with a focus on graphic design in Architectural Studies and Art History. She has worked onsite as an artisan and as a project manager. Her diverse skills and knowledge are extended to the central management and coordination of all phases of preservation work, from concept through installation.