The Feast of Saint Joseph


Saint Joseph Mural Installed


Last Saturday was the Feast of Saint Joseph, dedicated to honor Joseph, the husband of the Virgin Mary. Celebrated throughout Western Christianity, especially the Roman Catholic Church, the Feast of Saint Joseph always falls during Lent, March 19th, however abstinence is not obligatory. In the Roman Catholic Church, solemnities and Sundays are of the highest rank and call for celebration and a break from fasting.

The Feast of Saint Joseph is celebrated throughout the world, with different countries or denominations celebrating differently. There are several interpretations of when in the liturgical year the Feast of Saint Joseph should fall; the Catholic and Anglican Communion celebrate it during the Lenten season, while Eastern Orthodox Traditions celebrate it after the Christmas holiday.

The above picture at the side chapel is also situated beyond the Bishops cathedra. Canning Liturgical Arts was commissioned to create this eighteen foot tall mural, capturing Saint Joseph walking with a young Jesus near their home. This oil on canvas painting was mounted permanently to the wall after its completion. Executed in a renaissance style, the painting was based on a compilation of images depicting a similar scene and sketched out first as a watercolor rendering.