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Restoring Beauty in Churches Old & New: A Video 

By profession, we are decorators. We are founded on the grounding principle that the "Decorative Arts arise from, and should properly be attendant upon, Architecture." This principle is derived from prominent 19th century architect, designer and pioneer in color theory, Owen Jones. It is our job to complete architecture by means of decorating. It is our job to communicate what a building represents be it a train station or a capital building, a theatre or a church. We do this by way of paint and plaster. 

We follow many historic rubrics and rules that have been passed down for generations regarding the technicalities of color theory and proportions as well as the purpose of decoration as it relates to and functions within an interior. Our work demonstrates the use of these historic methods applied in the modern day and demonstrates the effect of beauty.

The effect of beauty on any given person is not subjective or relative and instead, is more akin to the nature of the scientific. Beauty is dependent on proper proportions, clarity and wholeness in the same way that falling objects are subjected to gravity. Where there is truth and beauty there is also order and where there is order there must be rules. When such principles are denied, the feeling transmitted by the visual to the individual results in agitated confusion. 

You see, proportion and balance are not for the experts alone. All people are naturally perceptive and are conditioned to compare construction to the proportions of the natural world. For a design to be harmonious and pleasing, the composition cannot confuse or distort the proportions of the natural environment which is already beautifully balanced and harmonious. What else should we expect from God’s Creation.  

The gravity of Sacred decoration is sacred to all faiths because it is the visual representation of mystical beliefs. Sacred art connects the congregation to that which they believe. It reinforces the spoken word.

We are tradesmen: decorators, artists, plasterers, carpenters. Our Lord blesses each and every one of us with gifts in this life that might be used for better or for ill. As a firm, our goal is to utilize our gifts to give the best we can to honor Our Lord. That is our goal."