Mid-Century: Elegant Simplicity


This little chapel is mid-century in design and originally possessed very few decorative features. The idea here was to create a contemplative and holy atmosphere for those coming to visit with Our Lord. With neutral colors and shades of pink the room appears bigger, the stain glass windows are better appreciated, and the artwork encourages the individual to contemplate the mystery and perfection of the Divine.

The Stations of the Cross were reused and set in a frame to contain both the cross and the image in space. The swirling paint design going around the center of the room reflects the design in the kneeling rail and the crosses in the Rosary on the ceiling are the same design as the crosses on the pews. In the sanctuary, the flower pattern was designed from a woman’s prayer veil and the flowers are simply a few shades lighter than the rose color they appear on. The artwork you see was commissioned specifically for the space and the floor was redesigned with Italian marble. This little room transformed from a white box to a chapel glorifying Christ and Our Lady through decoration.

The design intent was to bring traditional details found in grand cathedrals and fine-art murals depicting the five sorrowful mysteries to create an atmosphere of comfort and inspiration. The chapel now features delicate details and beautiful artwork that have been carefully designed and organized in the space. There is continuity and harmony in the design allowing the individual to be at peace with the beauty that fills the space.

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