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CCFM 2019: God is in the Details

Conference for Catholic Facilities Management (CCFM) 2019 Minneapolis, MN

Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis, MN



Last week we attended the annual Catholic Conference for Facilities Managers (CCFM) in Minneapolis, MN. At conferences such as this, we were constantly reminded of our commitment to preserving the integrity and beauty of churches across America by way of restoration, conservation, and new design. An effort dedicated to the care of architectural and ecclesiastical history for the present generation and for generations 100 years from now. 

As designers in the decorative arts, we have a responsibility to the buildings we restore or beautify. There are certain qualities that are required of church art; the theology and philosophy represented in symbols, artwork and design are just as important as the craftsmanship we have long since mastered. Without a concrete understanding and respect for the theology, a designer is more likely to fail in visually communicating those beliefs. The decorative arts must support the architecture (Owen Jones) and both the architecture and the design must support faith. 

Every Catholic Church, built 10 years ago or 1000 years ago from Constantinople (Istanbul) to South America, seeks to represent the same core beliefs. This universal connection to the past and to other cultures is the closest a thing can come to transcending time and space. Architecture and design are intended to carry this weight and communicate a timeline of human history. These buildings are the monuments of our past and testaments to our beliefs. We have a duty to preserve not only the structural beauty but also the ecclesiastical integrity of churches in respect for the past and in anticipation of the future.


The Conference for Catholic Facility Management (CCFM) provides a forum for professionals working for our church in matters of real estate, construction, and facility management. The conference promotes professional development while nurturing the spiritual growth of its members responsible for Catholic owned buildings and properties through sharing the knowledge and experience of all members. CCFM seeks to contribute to the effectiveness and strength of our Church by providing professional training, continuing education, networking, and advocating the highest standards of work and professionalism for all members.

  • To provide a forum and a network for persons having responsibility for diocesan or religious-owned buildings and/or properties

  • To promote the spiritual and personal growth of its member representatives in their special ministry of serving the Church

  • To foster the professional development of each member representative through the sharing of the knowledge and experience of all

  • To contribute to the effectiveness and growth of the Church